Specific logistics services

In order to reach markets and customers with our products we decided to create our own logistical solutions. At the same time, the knowledge we have gained enables us to offer some logistics services as a separate product. As a result we respond with tailormade solutions to any particular requests you may have, marking out new routes and enabling a cost efficient supply of your goods to desired locations. We are able to create supply chains within the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme.
Here are several key words describing the services provided by us:
  • Creating supply chains to reach target locations
  • Port operations – reloading, storage, end user delivery
  • Reloading from bulk to big bags or big bags to bulk
  • Storage, hub warehouse operational service
  • Specialization in logistics of dry bulk
  • GMP+ Feed Safety Assured logistics chains
Lauta Solutions BV
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The Netherlands